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2022 Summer Programming



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First Stage Open House 
Saturday, October 28th, 10am to 11am

Ages 4 - 6

Cost: Fee

Seats Min: 4 - Max: 12


Welcome to First Stage Open House! Our one day event is designed to showcase our fantastic first stage theater class for curious kids. First stage is an early childhood theater class, perfect for children who love the thrill of performance. With fun-filled sessions including theater games, singing, dancing, story-telling, and stage acting, your child will have an opportunity to sample a variety of theater activities. 


We believe that the arts are essential for early childhood development, and First Stage is the perfect class to nurture creativity, social interaction, and self-confidence. So, bring your child to our Open House and see why First Stage is the perfect starting point for a lifelong love of theater! The open house is free, but registration is required.


Sign up now for our First Stage Open House and let your child experience the magic of theater.

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