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About the Camp

Embark on a laughter-filled journey with our week-long improv comedy camp! Over the course of this fun-packed week, participants will dip their toes in an array of improv comedy formats, from short to long form, skill-building exercises to classic comedy games. Suitable for everyone aged 8-11, our camp doesn't require any prior experience. Just bring along your innate creativity and be prepared to revel in loads of laughter! Through the magical world of improv comedy, this camp will foster a host of skills and experiences, from friend-making and mindfulness to active listening and risk-taking. Additionally, our hilarious camp endeavors to inculcate a sense of not taking oneself too seriously and make ample time for some uninhibited fun and play! Enroll your kids in our laughter-oozing improv comedy camp and witness them transforming their world with humor!

Elementary Improv

Ages: 8-11



Max enrollment: 13

Your Instructor

Keith Anctil

Keith Anctil

Keith has been involved in the Maine improv scene for the last 18 years or so. He has performed with The Escapists, Acorn Studios, Stranger Than Fiction, F.P.I. (Freeport Players Improv) and was a founding member of The Improvised Puppet Project. Keith is also the founder and director of Playing For Laughs, (@playingforlaughs) an improv comedy group out of Brunswick. He has taught improv workshops across New England. Keith is a special educator by day and directs drama programs at Cheverus High School and South Portland High School after work. When not performing, teaching, designing or directing, Keith can be found running, kayaking, fishing or gardening, Keith loves to laugh. Laughing is his favorite.

Keith Anctil

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