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Stroll Haunted Yarmouth 2023





Alex Anton (Eli Lovell)
Alex Anton, a 5th grader at YES, is making his acting debut in this year's Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. After watching his brother, Graham, in several RRCP productions, Alex is pleased to join SHY to play a ghostly child from the Lovell House.


Dylan Baldacci (William Lovell)

Dylan Baldacci is a 5th grader at Greely Middle School.  He has enjoyed performing in many Cumberland County Children's Theatre productions including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.  When he's not acting, he loves skiing and running track.


Randy Billmeier (Captain Joseph Bucknam)

This is Randy’s sixth Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. He enjoys his family immensely. He also loves photography, baking, hanging with his dog walking group, singing, playing ukulele, exploring the ocean, and practicing Yoga. He is grateful to Royal River Community Players for the opportunity to celebrate the human spirit through the roles of those who lived before us.


Jeff Candura (Robert Elwell)

Jeff Candura is excited to be performing in his first acting role since college. He wants to thank his son Oakley for encouraging/forcing him to audition. Jeff lives with his wife, two children and dog in North Yarmouth and is the Executive Director of the MSSM Foundation. Jeff is an avid runner and skier, and is a die-hard Boston sports fan.


Oakley Candura (Augustus Whittmore Corliss)

Oakley Candura is an 9th grader at Greely High School and is excited to be appearing again in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth -- where he has both served as a tour guide and an actor. When he is not acting in a cemetery, Oakley is involved in a variety of activities - including cross country, theatre, student government, and track. Oakley has played the role of Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast and King Triton in The Little Mermaid, both with Cumberland County Children's Theatre, and will soon take part in his first play with Greely High School.


Hadley Dillon (Sarah Bailey)

Hadley Dillon is thrilled to be playing Sarah Silvester Myrick Bailey, wife of Lebbeus Bailey (what a mouthful!) in this year's production of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth! This is the third year that she is acting in SHY. She has recently been in Yarmouth High School's Peter Pan: The Boy Who Hated Mothers and The Wizard of Oz. Outside of theatre, she enjoys being the co-president of the YHS Environmental Action Club and participating in her school's math team and quiz bowl team. She loves Halloween, and hopes that this makes yours special! 


Margot Downs (Priscilla Lovell)

Margot is thrilled to participate in this year's production of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. Performing with a talented intergenerational cast is the most enjoyable part of the experience. Margot would like to thank her family for their unwavering support and enthusiasm.


Isla Droscoski (Cordelia Prince)
Isla’s first time on a stage was in RRCP’s You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, where she played Woodstock. She is excited to be back for her second year of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. When she's not acting, Isla enjoys spending time with her friends, playing hard with her older brother and sister, being creative in the kitchen with her mom, and riding bicycles with her dad. 


Sophie Droscoski (Julia Ann Prince)
Sophie is happy to be back at RRCP! She was last seen onstage as Marcy in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Outside of theater, Sophie enjoys dressing up, creating fashion, softball, and playing with her two kitty cats. Oh yeah, and hanging out with her best friends.


Maggie Duffy (Rebecca Prince)
Maggie Duffy is back, participating in her fourth year of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. She is a student at Greely High School and enjoys playing field hockey, lacrosse, and hanging out with her friends. SHY is her favorite thing about the fall season. 


Maya Faulstich (Sarah Bennet)

Maya Faulstich is excited to be in this year's production of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth! She is a junior at Yarmouth High School (YHS) and has been in past productions with both RRCP and YHS Playmakers, including The Wizard of Oz, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shrek the Musical, Love Is: A Cabaret, and Narnia. When she is not acting, you can find her advocating for environmental policies, nordic skiing, or writing songs.


Nancy Filliter (Judith Storer)

Nancy is excited to return to the graveyard for her 3rd season of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth!! Beyond acting, Nancy can be found sailing the beautiful Maine Coast during the summer, skiing and curling during the winter months, and hiking during the spring and fall. Basically enjoying the beautiful outdoors that Maine has to offer!! Nancy would like to thank RRCP for this opportunity to be involved in community theater!!


Kennedy Hamilton (Jennie Lovell)

Kennedy's bio coming soon.


Dave Mason (Philip Torrey)

After far too long a sabbatical from theater, Dave is thrilled to have a chance to perform again as part of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. He is eager to bring Phillip Torrey (back) to life this October. Dave has an extensive background in theater, performing in over 100 shows in theaters from Bangor, Maine to Tallahassee, Florida. A few of his favorite roles are Sheridan Whiteside in The Man Who Came to Dinner, Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, Sancho in Man of LaMancha and Billy Crocker in Anything Goes. Dave lives in Yarmouth with his wife, Susan and sons, Sam and Aaron.


Piper McGeachey (Skippy)

Piper is 10 years old and in the 5th grade. This is her first foray into the theater world. Usually she can be found on a lacrosse or soccer field and she loves playing her trumpet!  She is spreading her wings with her first acting role as Skippy! She hopes you enjoy the show.


Keith Monk (Joseph Woods)
Keith Monk is thrilled to be back for his second time as a part of SHY after playing James and Sarah Hill in 2021 with his wife Meagan. Keith came back to the theater after a decades-long hiatus to play Father Christmas in RRCP's Narnia in 2020 and has been hooked ever since, returning for A Christmas Carol radio play, Free to Be... You and Me, and the Clam Fest Summer Sing-Along. Keith loves the outdoors, theater, and music, and believes that the best way to spread cheer is singing loud for all to hear.


Meagan Monk (Elizabeth Woods)

This is Meagan Monk's second time as an actor with Stroll Haunted Yarmouth and she's excited to be in a scene with both her husband, Keith and her son, Silas. She loves local history, old cemeteries, museums, and performing so the unique format of SHY is a perfect blend of many of her interests! Meagan has enjoyed being a part of RRCP's Clam Fest Sing-Along, A Christmas Carol, and Free to be...You and Me, along with SHY '21. Many thanks to Gwen, Melina, Maura, and the many others who work hard to bring the past to life.  


Silas Monk (Henry)
Silas Monk is so exited to be in SHY. His most recent show with RRCP was You're A Good Man Charlie Brown playing Linus Van Pelt. He wants to remind you to bring bug spray to the show.I hope you enjoy the show.


Louise Neuts (Sally True Sargent)
Louise Neuts is new to acting this year.  A life long time resident of Maine, she grew up in Yarmouth but has lived in Freeport for 40+ years. She is a grandmother to three; they call her Yaya. She is excited to be part of the 6th annual Stroll Haunted Yarmouth production. She is enjoying getting to learn a new skill and breaking out of her comfort zone.  Looking forward to a great show.


Cadence O'Brion (Jane)
Cadence O’Brion is a 6th grader from Raymond who has been involved in theatre since she was five years old. This is her 9th show, and her first with RRCP. Her favorite roles were Fairy Godmother in Cinderella JR, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz Youth Edition, and Mrs. Paroo in The Music Man Kids. In her free time, she enjoys singing, writing, and playing violin.


Jamie Orenstein (Fred True)
Jamie Orenstein is delighted to be part of the cast of SHY for the fourth straight year. This time the production team figured out that instead of relying on him to act, it would make more sense to just let him do what comes naturally: making dad jokes.


Amy Page (Phebe Mitchell)
Amy Page spent over 15 years performing and teaching in Connecticut with the Hartford Children's Theater and Bonnie Hayes School of Performing Arts, as well as in school and community theatre. She has performed in productions of Dracula, Carousel, Fiddler on the Roof, Antigone, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bye Bye Birdie, and more. After some time away from the stage, Amy is thrilled to return to performing with Royal River Community Players and Stroll Haunted Yarmouth.


Dev Perrin (Yarmouth Historical Society Trustee)
Dev is a freshman at Greely Highschool. This will be their second year in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. When they aren’t acting, they enjoy playing Minecraft, creating art, and singing.


Tanner Pines (Ralph True)

Tanner is in the 7th grade at Falmouth Middle School.  Tanner enjoys acting, reading and games, video games and movies, tennis and basketball, running around in the woods and spending time with his golden retriever, Paddington. Tanner has previously taken on roles at Maddy’s Theater at the Children’s Museum of Maine, including the lead role of Jack in Jack and Phil; Slayers of Giants, and as Leroy the dog in Dragons Love Tacos, as well as numerous roles at summer camp, most recently as Pugsley in The Addams Family Musical. Tanner looks forward to playing Frederick True in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth, and celebrating his favorite holiday, Halloween…


Avery Robinson (Mary)

Avery Robinson is 11 years old and a 6th grader at HMS in Yarmouth.  This is her first year participating in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth.  Two summers ago participated in a theater camp with RRCP and has attended several day workshops.  Last spring she won Yarmouth’s Got Talent.   Avery also loves to play soccer, hockey and softball. 


Jackie Stowell (Rebecca Russell)

Jackie is so happy to be back for her second season of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth.  Last year’s experience gave her the confidence to appear in Freeport Player’s musical Love and Lobsters this summer.  As always, thanks to Don for his love and support.  Also thanks to the Vieques crew for their friendship.  And Michael for keeping body and soul together.


Lily Taylor (Ellie Bennet)

Lily Taylor first appeared on stage in a speaking role at the age of 4 in The King and I at Fryeburg Academy. She's loved acting ever since. Lily's theatrical personality is unmistakable. Finding her way into a RRCP production has been a revelation. When not rehearsing, Lily loves playing sports and playing with her dog. Lily is currently in 6th Grade at HMS.



Graham Anton (Group B)

Graham Anton is pleased to join Stroll Haunted Yarmouth this year as a tour guide. After participating as an actor in several other RRCP productions including prior years' SHY performances, Graham is happy to lead you through the cemetery where he looks forward to stopping by the Lovell House performance to see his younger brother, Alex, make his acting debut.


Pam Dyer (Group A)

This is my second season as a tour guide with stroll Haunted Yarmouth. I am the third generation of my family to have lived in Yarmouth. I love helping with Stroll Haunted Yarmouth to learn more about the individual’s and events that have shaped Yarmouths history. I hope you enjoy the show. 


Jasper Keller (Group E)
Jasper Beck Keller, 14, lives in Yarmouth with his family. He's excited to be in his second year with Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. In addition to strolling around cemeteries, Jasper enjoys playing violin, running long distances, and writing about worlds that may or may not be this one. 


Chris Neagle (Group C)

Chris is a semi-retired real estate lawyer from West Cumberland.   He enjoyed being a guide so much last year, he is back for another year of leading innocent "victims" among the spirits in the dark. 


David Ray (Group D)
David is a retired lawyer who found a new outlet for his theatrical inklings in Royal River Community Players.  He is excited to participate in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth again (his 6th year!).  David has played several roles in other RRCP productions, including Dracula in Dracula (2017) and a Gryphon in Alice! (2019).  He is a member of the Board of Directors of RRCP, the chair of the Yarmouth School Committee and he lives on Cousins Island. 


Shari Roberts (Group F)

I just moved here to Maine after living in Massachusetts for the last 20 years. I participated in theater in high school and truly enjoyed it. This is a return to what I love to do. I have been an audience member of this production for the last 5 years and I am excited to be a part of the show.


Fiona Sharp (Group G)
Fiona is from Brunswick and is an 8th Grader at St. John’s Catholic School. She is excited to be back at RRCP participating in SHY for a second year. She loves to sing and play the piano. In her spare time, she is a sustainability activist in Mid-Coast Maine educating anyone she can reach on the basics of sustainability, the role of bees and other pollinators in our food chain and awareness of climate change in her community.


Kathy Slack (Group A)

Kathy hails originally from the great island of Manhattan. Throughout the years she has studied the various permutations of theater, music, and film with amazing teachers, most notably Jutta Rose from Manhattan School of Music, Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon, and Seth Barrish from NYC’s, Barrow Group. She has acting, singing, and directing credits under her belt having performed in various venues from Maryland to Maine. Her favorite, regular gigs were when she was singing with the acoustic band, Little Debbie and the Snack Cakes, and the a cappella, vocal improvisational group, Improvox. She teaches voice (classical and non-classical styles) at her home studio and at 317 Main Community Music Center, both located in Yarmouth. Her favorite, recent role was playing Mrs. Hammond for RRCP (SHY 2022). Many thanks to RRCP for another fun opportunity to hang with the SHY crowd!


Randy Billmeier (Writer - Captain Joseph Bucknam)

See actor bio, above.

Mars Charrette (Crew - Cemetery, Lighting & Props)

Mars is a freshman at Yarmouth High School. She has been working with RRCP since 2018, back stage for Stroll Haunted Yarmouth and as a performer in Alice! and Narnia. When she’s not involved with theatre, you can find Mars drawing, snowboarding or listening to music. She is looking forward to working with the SHY cast and crew! 

Natalie Coolidge (Crew - Backstage Babysitting)

Natalie Coolidge is in her freshman year at Yarmouth High School. This is her first year participating in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth and she is very excited to be helping out! In her free time, she likes to watch movies, read books, and spend time with her friends. Natalie is also on the SailMaine racing team and loves to get out on the water whenever she can!

Brianna Droscoski (Crew - Backstage Supervision)

Brianna's bio coming soon.

Maura Goessling (Historical Research / Editor / Writer - Prince/Lovell, Tour Guide Script)

Since 2018 Yarmouth History Center’s Maura Goessling has been providing research to the show's writers about the life and times of the former Yarmouth residents who appear in the show. She joined the writing team in 2020, and has contributed pieces for the 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023 shows.

Jocelyn Handy (Editor / Writer - Prince/Lovell, Angie Gore)

Jocelyn has been involved with Stroll Haunted Yarmouth in various capacities since its beginnings and absolutely loves this show because she gets to learn so much. She serves on the Board of RRCP and thinks old cemeteries are cool.

Myah Hassan (Crew - Cemetery & Lighting)

My name is Myah Hassan, and I have lived in Yarmouth for two years now! I am a junior at Yarmouth High School and this is the third Stroll Haunted Yarmouth production I have participated in. Previously, I have volunteered as a tour guide, but last year and this year, I help with lights and fun behind the scenes stuff. My sister, Syrin, is the SHY babysitter. In my free time, I LOVE to read and paint. I also sail on my school team—I love it!

Syrin Hassan (Crew - Backstage Babysitting)

Syrin's bio coming soon.

Timmy Lee (Crew - Cemetery, Lighting & Props)

Hi, I'm Timothy Lee. I've been doing Stroll Haunted Yarmouth as well as theatre here for a long time. I play, and occasionally write music, I have major stage fright so I now do backstage. I love working at RRCP and there is a very kind and trusting community.  I live right here in Yarmouth and love helping people out, making people happy is my jam. Hope you enjoy SHY!

Kay Loftus-Ray (Crew - Backstage Supervision)
Kay has been  peripherally involved with previous SHY productions on an “as needed” basis.  Kay’s husband, David,  has acted  in all past productions and is a tour guide this year.  Kay has enjoyed meeting the cast and crew again this year and wishes everyone a successful run.  Kay also hopes Alex & Dylan will eventually get one of those cookies !! 

Ian Michaud (Technical Director/Lighting Design)

A Maine native and Yarmouth Alumni, Ian originally became interested in technical theatre while working with The Yarmouth Playmakers during his High School years. This interest compelled him to attend the Boston University School of Theatre. After graduating with a BFA in Technical Production, Ian moved to New York City where he quickly made connections with Juniper Street Productions, a major Broadway Production Management company. This relationship was the start of a 12 year career that allowed Ian to work on numerous Broadway and touring productions, primarily as an Automation Carpenter operating and maintaining computer controlled scenic elements. Some highlights of his Broadway career are; Little Shop of Horrors National Tour, The Wedding Singer, Legally Blonde The Musical, Dreamgirls National Tour, All Shook Up and The Producers. In 2011, Ian decided to give up this demanding lifestyle and moved back to Yarmouth with his family. He is now a founding member of the ownership team at Liquid Riot Bottling Company where he manages the distillery. He is a Board Member at Royal River Community Players and enjoys the opportunity to reconnect with his theatre days here at the Playhouse.

Kent Pierce (Tour Guide Alternate / Writer - Joseph & Elizabeth Woods)
Kent is an enthusiastic member of the RRCP community, having written and/or acted in all recent Stroll Haunted Yarmouth offerings as well as Yarns, Truths & Tales, the radio broadcast of A Christmas Carol, and Alice! 

Mattie Pierce (Crew - Cemetery & Lighting)
Mattie is a junior at Yarmouth High School and spends her time reading and hanging out with friends. Last year was her first time working with Royal River Community Players, during Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. Along with ringing in the show, she was one of the two responsible for lights and was also a medic. She loves working behind the scenes and can’t wait for another great show!

John Reinhart (Writer - Philip Torrey)
A time traveller from the land of lost socks, John Reinhart writes with ashes by candlelight. The recipient of the Horror Writers Association Dark Poetry Scholarship and a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association, he is the author of nine collections of poetry ranging from heartfelt to heart wrenching to robots in space with no hearts. Find out what he is up to at

Melina Roberts (Producer / Stage Manager / Editor / Writer - Tour Guide Script)

Melina Roberts has produced Stroll Haunted Yarmouth for all six of its seasons.  She serves on the board of Royal River Community Players and the Yarmouth Historical Society.  She loves the opportunity to build community through theater. The rest of the time she can be found working in her own gardens, the Yarmouth History Center Garden and enjoying adventures with her family and friends.

Cassie Shute (Costumes)
Cassie's bio coming soon.

Bill Wagner (Writer - Fred & Ralph True)
Bill is excited to have the opportunity to give voice to a character from another time. It’s a refreshing change from his daily writing that teaches software developers about the C# programming language. When not writing, Bill golfs and enjoys all that Yarmouth has to offer.

Gwen Walquist (Director)

Still considered a newbie to Maine, Gwen is thrilled to be taking part (for a second year) in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth.  She has thoroughly enjoyed directing this year's dynamic cast of actors and can't wait to share the ghostly and historical vignettes with audience members. Gwen was last seen on stage in Love/Sick, with Acorn Productions.  She last directed a film called Own It--an entry in Maine Film Association's Winter Film Challenge. SHY is truly a special production and Gwen would like to thank you for your patronage.  


The Yarmouth History Center

Headlight Audio Visual

Sticks & Stones Ornamental Trees & Gardens

The Roberts-Anderson Family

Randy Billmeier

Jim O'Brion

And all our wonderful volunteers

who gave us their help and time.

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