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Announcing our casts for the 2019-2020 Season!
Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Casts are listed alphabetically by first name. 





Brandy Adams - Mrs. Hallet

Brittany Strout - Hannah Thaxter

Charles Prinn - Master Smith

Christina Powell - Andromeda Grimes

David Ray - Thatcher Brown

Don Labbe - Reverend Thomas Green

Graham Anton - William Stearns

Hannah Andromalos - Emma Baker

Henry Garrou - Asa Winslow

Jeff Norsworthy - Hiram Hatch

Jericho St. Laurent - Samuel Green

Kathleen Connelly - Jane Blanchard 

Kent Pierce - Asa Bisbee

Lilly Moore - Salome Green

Lisa Andromalos - Miranda Winslow

Lydia St. Laurent - Jane Green

Margot Downs - Lydia Hatch

Meghan Randall - Young Jane
Mikell Perry - Mother Smith

Oliver Moore - James Brown

Randy Billmeier - Amos Storer

Sarah Norsworthy - Elvira Brown

Timothy Lee - Elijah Dix Green

Vera Powell - Lydia Brown





Abby Heselton - Unicorn

Anders Jones - Cruelie

Annabel English - Hag

Annaliese Siegl-Flahive - Tumbler/Cruelie

Bridie Frost - White Stag Acrobat

Andrew Gabrielson - Tumnus

Cassie Chambers - Fox (U/S Susan)

Catie Frost - White Stag Acrobat

Charles Padwe - Ryweth the Wolf/ Ogre

Chris Lee - Owl

Eleanor Sheldon - Cruelie

Elisa Runge - Cruelie

Elizabeth Handy -Reindeer

Elliot Alfreds - Edmund

Emma Garrou - Cruelie/Reindeer

Evy Skates - Tumbler/Statue

Fiona Sharp - Reindeer/Cruelie (U/S Lucy)

Gavin Powell - Woodland Animal

Hannah Grohman - White Stag Acrobat

Harrison Pitney - Woodland Animal

Henry Garrou - Professor

Jennifer Runge - Eagle

Jenny Grimm - Jenny Macready

Jocelyn Handy - White Witch

Kelly Walton - Mrs. Beaver

Kent Skates - Fernis Ulf

Keith Monk - Father Christmas

Lara Cakmakci - Lucy

Liam Skates - Wolf 2 (U/S Edmund)

Liv Powell - Hag (U/S Peter)

Louisa Padwe - Housekeeper In Training

Lucienne Charrette - Housekeeper in Training

Lucy Alfreds - Housekeeper in Training

Maggie Duffy - Squirrel

Marian Pitney - Tumbler/Cruelie

Mars Charrette - White Stag Acrobat

Maya Faulstich - Hag

Michelle Sheldon - Leopard

Mindy Skates - Susan

Mollie O'Quinn - Rabbit

Moses Padwe - Peter

Natalie Handy - Reindeer

Nathaniel Runge - Bull

Olsen Gabrielson - Woodland Animal

Peter Greeenleaf - Woodland Animal

Phil Chin - Mr. Beaver

Silas Monk - Woodland Animal

Stella Peck - Tumbler/Statue

Timothy Lee - Wolf 3

Valentine Sheldon - Aslan

Vera Powell - TBD

Vivian Greenleaf - preshow?

Willa Gabrielson - Dog


Crew: Mathieu Charrette, Lilly Moore, Jeff Norsworthy, Sarah Norsworthy, Oliver Moore, Chloe Bibula, Megan Monk





Abby Heselton - Townsperson

Alexander Anton - Townsperson

Annaliese Siegl-Flahive - Townsperson

Bowen Mitchell - Johan

Brandy Adams - Aunt Detie

Cassie Chambers - Clara

Christine Slader - Miss Usher

Don Labbe - Uncle Alp

Eden Runge - Boy

Eleanor Sheldon - Townsperson

Elisa Runge - Girl

Emma Garrou - Heidi

Evy Skates - Townsperson

Gavin Powell - Uncle Alp’s Goats

Georgie Sheldon - Uncle Alp’s Goats

Graham Anton - Townsperson

Gwen St. Laurent - Baker

Hannah Andromalos - Elsbeth

Jericho St. Laurent - Townsperson

Kathleen Connelly - Grannie

Kelly Walton - Barbie

Kent Skates - Sebastian

Liam Skates - Townsperson

Liv Powell - Tinnette

Lydia St. Laurent - Baker

Maggie Duffy - Textile Merchant

Margot Downs - Bridget

Marin Magat - Nann

Mateo Coury - Peter

Matt Chambers - Pastor

Maya Faulstich - Margarete

Meghan Randall - Townsperson

Mikell Perry - Grandmama

Mindy Skates - Townsperson

Nathaniel Runge - Dr. Classen

Nyomi St. Laurent - Baker

Oliver Moore - Karl

Phil Chin - Mr. Sesemann

Rachel Wick - Uncle Alp’s Goats

Sarah Norsworthy - Miss Rottenmeier

Valentine Sheldon - John

Vera Powell - Uncle Alp’s Goats

Wesley Houseal-Magat - Nann’s Daughter


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