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Casting Call for  Heidi

We are seeking actors for our 2024 production of Heidi. Heidi is based on the beloved Johanna Spyri novel, which tells the story of a young girl who is taken to live with her grandfather in the scenic Swiss Alps. Heidi's endearing spirit and love for the great outdoors quickly wins over her grandfather, as well as the locals, including a goatherd named Peter and his family. Although the book was written in 1880, its message of optimism, altruism, and an appreciation for nature remains as relevant today as it did back then. 


Producing Heidi represents a significant symbolic milestone for our theater, as it was the play that we had planned to perform in 2020 before the pandemic struck. Despite the challenges of the past three years, we are excited to finally launch the new production.


Director: Vanessa Glazier 

Producer: Rob Faucher



We will be holding two sets of auditions at the playhouse on 11/18 and 11/20, with Call Backs scheduled for 11/21. Please complete our audition form to reserve your spot. To prepare, please download the scripts for your designated day (links below) and review your lines before coming to auditions. You do not need to memorize your part or be “off book” for the audition. However, we do encourage you to familiarize yourself with the character and make thoughtful acting choices.

Saturday, November 18, 12:00-3:00pm

Auditions for Dorfli Townfolk characters and Heidi

Download Scripts 

HEIDI: A spirited orphan girl, who goes to live in the Alps with her grandfather; female. 

AUNT DETIE: Heidi's aunt who takes her to live with Uncle Alp,  female. 

BARBIE: Detie' s friend, who is the town busybody/ gossip; female. 

GRANNIE: Peter's sickly, blind grandmother; female. 

PETER: Clumsy boy who lives in the mountains near Uncle Alp and  befriends Heidi; male. 

BRIDGET: Peter's kindly mother; female. 

TEXTILE MERCHANT: Sells knitted textiles in Dorfli; flexible

BAKER: Sells baked goods in Dorfli; wears a baker's uniform/ apron; flexible. 

KARL: Lives in Dorfli; male. 

NANN: Lives in Dorfli; female.

ELSBETH: Lives in Dorfli; female. 

JOHAN: Lives in Dorfli; male. 

PASTOR: Clergyman from the town of Dorfli who wants Uncle Alp to move to the town; male. 


Monday, November 20- 6:00-9:00pm

Auditions for Sesemann Residence characters and Heidi

Download Scripts

HEIDI: A spirited orphan girl, who goes to live in the Alps with her grandfather; female. 

CLARA SESEMANN: Disabled girl who Heidi goes to live with and  befriends; female. 

MR. SESEMANN: Clara's wealthy father; male. 

MISS ROTTENMEIER: Strict housekeeper who runs the Sesemann household; wears a neutral dress/uniform; female. 

MISS USHER: Clara's governess and tutor; female. 

TINETTE: Maid in the Sesemann household; wears a maid's  unif ohn; female. 

SEBASTIAN: Fun, playful servant in the Sesemann household who  has a crush on Tinette; wears a servant's uniform male. 

JOHN, THE DRIVER: Coachman for the Sesemann household; wears a coachman's uniform; male. 

GRANDMAMMA: Clara's Grandmother; female. 

BOY/GIRL: Sells two kittens to Heidi; flexible. 


Tuesday, November 21- 6:00-9:00pm


Callbacks will be scheduled if required by the directing team.

If you are interested in auditioning for a specific role and cannot attend the assigned night, please email to arrange an alternative time.


Rehersal Schedule 

Rehearsals will start on December 4th and are generally in the evening from 6:00-9:00pm. We will gather conflicts and attempt to create a schedule that accommodates everyone who is cast. 


Tech week starts on Sunday, January 28th. The performance runs from Friday, February 2nd to Sunday, February 11th.  


It is essential to be available for all tech week rehearsals and performances in order to be cast.



Does it cost anything to participate?

No! We do not charge anyone to participate in RRCP.


Will everyone be cast?

Not everyone will be castthis decision should not be taken as a judgment on you and your talent. There are numerous other factors that can be considered when making the choice, such as the actor's availability for rehearsals, the available roles, age appropriateness, or whether the actor has previously performed with us (we are always looking for new actors to showcase their abilities). For those who are not selected for a role, we will soon be holding auditions for our next show, giving you another chance to perform on the Royal River Community Players' stage in the near future.


How should I prepare? 

Please download the script packet for your chosen day (links above) and review your lines before coming to auditions. You do not need to memorize your part or be completely familiar with it for the audition. However, we do encourage you to have a good understanding of your character and be able to make acting choices.


How else can I help RRCP?

RRCP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of our donors and the dedication of our volunteers to produce high-quality theater productions. Please visit our website at to make a donation (we appreciate any amount) and/or learn more about volunteer opportunities. Thank you for your support!


Any other questions about Heidi can be sent to

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