(by order of appearance)

Cast List

Lucy V. Groves

Allison Hodgkins

Mary Osgood Green
Rebecca Green

Haley Doan

Maggie Duffy

Lydia Corliss
Esther Corliss
Robert Corliss

Taryn Southard

Isla Southard

Cassian Southard

Francis B. Thortle

Chris Lee

Timmy Lee

Young Susan Bisbee
Susan Bisbee
Sarah Bisbee

Rachel Wick

Meghan Randall

Brandy Adams

Captain Charles Small

Randy Billmeier

Sarah Young
Jane Young
Rhenosia Young

Stacie Vining

Charlotte Goldstein

Rose Goldstein

Olive Gray

Donna Priddy

Lee Forrest, Lydia St Laurent, Jericho St Laurent, Nyomi St Laurent

Joseph Merrill

Jamie Orenstein

Widow Mary Haskell

Margot Downs

Maya Faulstich

Lily Moore

Captain Samuel Thomas
Sally Thomas

David Ray

Kym Dakin-Neal

Oceana Curtis

Kathleen Connelly

John Drinkwater
Susannah Drinkwater

Kent Pierce

Janie Downey


Brittany Strout

Stroll Haunted Yarmouth 2020

This presentation consists of stories 

from the European settlers of North Yarmouth,

but our region was first and foremost Indigenous land, 

where the Wabanaki people lived for over 13,000 years 

before it was taken from them.


We would like to acknowledge this history

and the Wabanaki people.


Production Crew

Director - Jocelyn Handy

Producer - Melina Roberts

Video Production & Video Editor - Kendall Harnett

Research - Maura Goessling, Katie Worthing, Patti Bicknell

Music - Parker Goessling

Boom Operator & Best Girl - Deanna Harnett

Costumes - Jocelyn Handy, Margot Downs

Lead Props - Janie Downey

Assistant Props - Maura Goessling, Melina Roberts

Photography - Randy Billmeier

Original Art - Frank Roberts

Ticketing & Event Coordinator - Sarah Wallace

Marketing - Brittany Strout

Writers By Scene

Kathleen Connelly - Oceana Curtis, Widow Mary Haskell

Brittany Strout - Captain Charles Small

Sarah Wallace - Captain Samuel Thomas, Sarah Young

Maura Goessling - Captain Samuel Thomas, Sarah Young

Kent Pierce - John & Susannah Drinkwater, Olive Gray

Jocelyn Handy - Mystery Painting, Green Sisters, Lucy V. Groves/Michelle, Lydia Corliss

Patti Bicknell - Joseph Merrill

Sarah Norsworthy - Susan & Sarah Bisbee

Special Thank You To


Louise Keezer - Costumes

Mary Lynn Engel - Costumes

Rick Abbondanza - Photography

Kate Papkee - Props

Nathan Roach - Props

Don & Anne McDougal - Props

Lyric Music Theater - Costumes

Community Little Theatre - Costumes


Special Thank You To


Birchby Family

Byrne Family

Day Family

DeLorme Family

Parker Family

Town of Yarmouth

Village Improvement Society

Zimmerman Family

Thank you to our Sponsors

     PanDemic producer Circle

Bristol Seafood’s My Fish Dish


At home actors         circle 

           Brickyard Hollow

Virtual Visitor             circlE

     Distanced   director Circle

Sticks & Stones Landscaping, LLC

The Vining-Goldstein Family

   Stay at home stagehand circle       Yarmouth Frame & Gallery

          Storey Brothers Inc.

              Patti Bicknell


See You Next Year!



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