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Welcome to our virtual program for

10 Ways To Survive Life in Quarantine! 


HOSTS - Janie Downey Maxwell & Kathy Slack
BRYN (Sir Lamp ) - Sophia Sturtevant
LOU (White Gold) - Cloud Morris
BEAUTY & THE BEAST - Kelly Walton, Stella Peck, Andrew, Olsen & Willa Gabrielson
JOLENE (Origami) - Maya F.
D’ANGELA (Soothing Art) - Lily Moore
TASH (Basketball Star) - Sarah Norsworthy
REAGAN (MacBear) - Laura Morris
TORRANCE (Distance Learning) - Haley Doan
NEIMA (Kim & Kanye) - Donna Priddy
ANNA (The Spider) - Jacqueline L.
LYN (The Influencer) - Brittany Strout
TOBY (Couch Workout) - Thom Watson 
RACHEL (Costco Trip) - Kym Dakin-Neal
ANYA (No Cell Phone) - Rachel Wick
JEFF (Kingdom of Jeff) - Jack Arey
ASHLEY (New Religion) - Jocelyn Handy

DIRECTOR - Janie Downey Maxwell
PRODUCER - Jocelyn Handy

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Dear Viewer,

Throughout the rehearsal and production process, we all have experienced an
ongoing gratitude for the privilege of practicing and performing from our own homes. Many of us may be quarantined, but we also know we have been afforded the luxury of remaining safe and comfortable. As you know, many in this country and throughout the world are not able to stay safe. They live in a variety of communities without shelter or security where safety, on many levels, is compromised.

This play does not make light of these challenging times for those who suffer. Rather, the show intends to lift up folks from their daily struggles and transport them to a place of joy, if only for a few moments. It is with so much gratitude that we present this little piece for you. May you all continue staying safe and well.


All the best,

Janie, Kathy & Jocelyn

If you missed our performances, click here for a wonderful slideshow of images from the show!

Photo credits Randy Billmeier

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