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This eagerly-awaited production signifies a major milestone for our grassroots community theater. Initially slated for performance in 2020, it had to be suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when the RRCP team pledged to bring it back to life post-pandemic. After three challenging years, the board and production team are excited to fulfill their promise.

Heidi is Presented through special arrangement with Big Dog Publishing, LLC

Heidi was adapted by Tracy Wells from the novel Heidi by Johanna Spyri.

Swiss author Johanna Louise Heusser Spyri (1827-1901) is best known for her novel Heidi, which has become a children’s classic in English and Swiss literature. She married Bernhard Spyri, a lawyer, in 1852, and the couple settled in Zurich. In Zurich, Spyri wrote Heidi in just four weeks and the novel was published in 1881. Spyri suffered the death of both her husband and her only child, Bernard, in 1884. Over the course of her life, Spyri wrote more than 50 stories and engaged in numerous charitable causes. 


 Tracy Wells is an accomplished playwright who has published several plays for children and adults. Mrs. Wells has been involved in theatre for many years in acting and in production. She and her husband, Eric, reside in metro Detroit with their son and daughter. 

In Memory of Emily Rowden Fournier

Heidi is being produced in memory of Emily Rowden Fournier. The show’s original director, Fournier died tragically in 2020, leaving behind a legacy in the performing arts communities of Waterville and beyond. Emily founded the Recycled Shakespeare Company of Fairfield Maine  in 2013. Since then, RSC has become an example for environmentally sustainable and inclusive theater in Maine and beyond. Royal River is grateful to have had Emily share her light with our community, and her involvement in 2020 continues to inspire our desire to be an inclusive place for all people.

Heidi Cast 



Adia is in her sixth show and second production with the Yarmouth Community Players. Last year, she debuted as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and won Best Actress as Wendy in the One-Act Festival. Adia trains at the New England Music Camp Musical Theatre College Prep Intensive and is pursuing musical theater.



Alaina is excited to be a part of Heidi and hopes that you enjoy the show.



Alex is excited to be a part of Heidi and hopes that you enjoy the show.



Andrea has loved working with everyone at RRCP on Heidi, her first show in quite a few years! When she isn’t menacing everyone on stage, she can be found hanging out with her amazing husband and teenage daughters, teaching the occasional history/poly sci class at the senior college at USM, and obsessively playing Wordle. She thanks you for coming and hopes you enjoy the show!



Charlotte is an actress who has been in several plays and musicals prior to Heidi. She was in a school production of The Lion King and Frog and Toad. She is looking forward to portraying John in Heidi.



Hello, my name is Yang Chenxi and I am studying at Harrison Middle School. I enjoy music and reading books. I can play five different musical instruments. I am very excited about Heidi's performance.



David is a retired lawyer who found a new outlet for his theatrical inklings in Royal River Community Players. He is excited to be able to let his beard grow out so that he can, hopefully, look a little like Uncle Alp. David has played several roles in other RRCP productions, including Dracula and a Gryphon. He is a member of the Board of Directors of RRCP, the current chair of the Yarmouth School Committee and he lives on Cousins Island with his wife, Kay, and his black lab, Meyka. Thanks to Cyrilla for inspiring me to give community theater a try!



David started early in theater as Hansel back in 4 th grade. His “career” ended 45 years ago as Gonzalo in a production of “The Tempest” that was best known for forgotten lines and split pants (and an audience that couldn’t stop laughing).
Coming back to acting now, he realizes how little he knew then, and is enjoying learning from the much more experienced actors and directors around him. He’s grateful for the very generous audiences (so far), and hopes you enjoy his contribution to the show. David lives in Buxton with his wife Dena, and a dog and cat, that tolerate him reading his lines to them.



Hello, I’m Eitan. I play Peter and I am so glad that you have come to watch our performance of Heidi. I’m a 7th grader at Yarmouth Middle school and I have always enjoyed acting and singing. This is my first performance with RRCP and I’m hoping to be a part of their future productions. I’m very grateful to all of the crew and staff that made this performance possible.



Isla’s first time on a stage was in RRCP’s You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, where she played Woodstock. She is excited to be back at RRCP. When she's not acting, Isla enjoys spending time with her friends, playing hard with her older brother and sister, being creative in the kitchen with her mom, and riding bicycles with her dad. 



This is Jackie’s third production with RRCP. She also appeared in two musicals with the Freeport Community Players. In real life she is also an old woman and a Grannie but she’s not blind yet. Good luck to the cast and crew of “Heidi” and thank you to the audience for supporting RRCP.



Joe is delighted to make his debut with the RRCP. He has previously acted and directed with the Camden Civic Theatre, Waterville Opera House, and ACAT (Aqua City Actors Theatre). Joe is a retired IT professional. His favorite acting role was Juror #3 in ACAT’s Twelve Angry Men. His favorite directing experience was ACAT’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. This is Joe’s last theatrical experience in Maine since he is moving back to his native Wisconsin this spring. His performance is dedicated to his late husband Michael Jinbo and his daughter Mariah, to whom he read Heidi when she was a little girl.



At 14, Kathy's love for performance began at a West Va, girls' summer camp, Camp Alleghany, where she played Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls. This love has taken many forms throughout the years
as singer, actor, director, poet, and arts' advocate. She had acting and "singer in a band" stints at Ithaca College, Baltimore, NYC, and Maine. She contributed to keeping RRCP afloat during CoVid by directing the online show, Love Is a Cabaret, one of her favorite projects. She teaches Voice at 317 Main in Yarmouth. Many thanks to her hubby, Paul, for tirelessly running lines with her.



Lavinia is excited to be a part of Heidi and hopes that you enjoy the show.



Layla Stephenson is 12 years old and attends the 7th grade at Maine Coast Waldorf school in Freeport. She began her love of theatre at age 5, when she performed in Peter Pan through fiddlehead children’s theatre in Gray. Since then she has been in several more shows, her latest being Flounder in the little Mermaid. Layla loves to sing, listen to music and spend time with friends and family.



Maddie is currently a junior at YHS and she’s ecstatic to be back onstage at RRCP. You may have seen her as late, less than great Jessica Cranshaw in “Curtains”, a fairytale creature in the outdoor production of Shrek, or even on this very stage in the Spring 2023 Musical Theatre Showcase. When she’s not onstage you could probably find her playing guitar, listening to music, or mixing milkshakes at Thoroughfare! She’s thrilled to be performing, and she hopes you enjoy the show!



Maggie is excited to be a part of Heidi and hopes that you enjoy the show. She is a student at Greely High School and enjoys playing field hockey, lacrosse, and hanging out with her friends.



Molly is excited to be a part of Heidi and hopes that you enjoy the show.



Noa Kraslen is very excited for their first community theater production, Heidi. They would like to thank their family for supporting them in preparing for the auditions and the show. They have enjoyed meeting their castmates and all the people working to help the show run smoothly. In their free time they enjoy snuggling with their guinea pigs and going to the sleepaway camp that they love.They also enjoy skateboarding and hanging out with friends.



After retiring from a career as a radio news producer with CBS in NYC, Phil immersed himself in Maine’s vibrant world of community theater and choral music. He’s appeared in recent productions of the Freeport Players and the Choral Art Society. Phil is delighted to be back with the Royal River Community Players. He’s performed with the Jakespeare VTC, the Midcoast Theater Company, the Studio Theater of Bath, the Children’s Museum and Theater of Maine, the Crow Bait Club, the Polyphonic Theater Ensemble and the New England Theater Company. Phil sings with the St.
Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church Choir in Yarmouth.



Sheldon is excited to be a part of Heidi and hopes that you enjoy the show.



Stella is 14 and lives in Yarmouth with her parents, her younger brother, two dogs, two guinea pigs and a rabbit. Prior to her performance in Heidi, Stella participated in the Royal River Community Theater’s fall class, and portrayed Scar in the Yarmouth Community Center summer 2023 production of The Lion King Jr. When not acting, Stella enjoys skiing, playing field hockey, and practicing agility skills with her dogs.



Sterling is an 8th grader at HMS and he’s very excited to be performing for you today. He’s an active member in chorus, as well as a two time YGT performer. He hopes you enjoy the show, as Sebastian swoons over Tinette.



Truly is excited to be performing her first play with RRCP. She is 10 years old and has performed in Willy Wonka Kids and Jungle Book Kids (SAC), Cinderella in Rodgers and Hammersteins Cinderella (WCST), Marta in The Sound of Music (LRCT) and most recently she was cast as Annie in Annie Kids (SAC). When not singing on stage Truly enjoys modeling, reading, spending time with friends and writing short stories and scripts. She’d like to thank the director for allowing her this opportunity.
She hopes you enjoy the show!

Heidi Crew

Ian Michaud, Technical Director 

Andrew Gabrielson, Set Builder

Noah Bibula, Set Builder

Ashley McBreairty, Lighting Designer

Timmy Lee, Light Operator 

James Fixstuff, Costume Technician 

Henry Garrou, Puppet Maker

Randy Billmier, Production Photographer 

We want to thank our sponsors

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We also want to thank our valued corporate sponsors David P. Ray, Esq. and Sticks & Stones - Ornamental Trees & Gardens

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