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Stroll Haunted Yarmouth 2022


Thank you for joining us for Stroll Haunted Yarmouth 2022. We hope you enjoy the show! 



Graham Anton (Edward Rayes)
Graham Anton is playing Edward Raynes in The Yarmouth Band and is thrilled to return to RRCP! Graham has performed locally since his first play, The Aristocats in 2018 with YCS and was most recently in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown as Schroeder. Graham loves RRCP and enjoys the community, friends, and connections he has made there. Graham would like to thank Caitlin, Melina, and Jocelyn for their amazing guidance. He hopes every audience member will enjoy their stroll through haunted Yarmouth.


Lavinia Berse (Child)
Lavinia Berse is seven years old and is so excited to be part of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth! Previous roles include Lady Bug in The Very Grouchy Lady Bug, and Cruella DeVille in Dalmations.  When she's not onstage, she enjoys playing the piano, making all kinds of things and playing with her puppy. She hopes you enjoy the show!


Randy Billmeier (Professor Blanchard)
Randy is happy to play Professor Blanchard in The Yarmouth Band.  In addition to appearing in Royal River Community Theater productions, he is an avid photographer, baker, and Yogi.  He is the proud father of four and grandfather of eight.  He likes pickles on his pizza.

Hadley B.jpg

Hadley Burnell (Child)
Hadley is very excited to be participating in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth for the first time ever. She lives in Cumberland with her mom, dad and brother. She is a 5th grader at Greely Middle School, and enjoys being a part of the school band and chorus. She loves baking, golfing and swimming. Hadley also has fun doing anything theatrical or musical.


Reese Butler (Child)
Reese Butler is thrilled to be a part of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth! Reese’s love for theater came at an early age when she had her first role in Aristocats at Yarmouth Theater camp in 2019. This past summer she took on the role of Les in Newsies and Sally in You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. When Reese is not practicing her lines, you can often times find her on the soccer field. Reese has had an awesome time this fall making lots of memories with her cast members and can’t wait to share the show with her friends and family!


Gabriella Colby-George (Mary Margaret Hill Sargent)
This is Gabby Colby-George’s first year in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth! She is a preschool teacher and She loves working with so many amazing people from in and around town, she has been in many productions throughout the years but to her stroll haunted Yarmouth has been a way to get back into doing what she loves! And it’s working!She is sending love to the entire cast and crew, and hopes you think the show is perfectly spooky! 

Hadley Dillon.jpg

Hadley Dillon (Maria Adams)
Hadley Dillon (she/her) is so excited to be playing Maria Adams in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth this year! Previously, she has been in SHY 2021, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and the Clam Fest Sing-along 2022 with RRCP. She has been doing theatre since she was very young and hopes to pursue it as a career. Currently, she is also in The Wizard of Oz at Yarmouth High School, which you should come to see at the beginning of December. She thanks you for your time and hopes you love the show!


Isla Grace Droscoski (Child)
Isla is so excited to be part of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth.  This is Isla’s second performance with RRCP.  She had so much fun this summer being cast in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, she jumped at another opportunity to be with RRCP cast mates. The friends she’s making along the way has this first grader feeling loved and supported after each and every rehearsal.  Happy Halloween!


Nancy Filliter (Louisa T. York)
Nancy is thrilled to once again join the cast and crew for the Royal River Community Players’ production of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth, and to be involved in community theater. Her other interests include sailing, hiking, curling and skiing while enjoying the beautiful Maine outdoors, as well as travel abroad. Nancy would like to thank RRCP for this opportunity!!


Henry Haile (F.M. Corliss)
Henry is a junior at Greely High School, has participated in Stages Youth Theatre in Portland, sings with 317 Main, and is proud to be a part of Greely Drama's current production of The Imaginary Invalid.


Jasper Beck Keller (George Leslie)
Jasper Keller, age thirteen, is excited to be in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth as part of the Band. As a matter of fact, he’s been playing violin for years. Although this is his first time officially acting for the public, he has performed many times for friends and family. Jasper lives in Yarmouth with his mom, dad, and two younger siblings.


Byron Kern (Alexander G. Hill)
Byron Kern is happy to be in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth again after performing in the show last year (his first theater experience) when he played Samuel Bucknam, and loves the script for his role this year. When he's not performing, Byron is usually hard at work renovating a log cabin in North Yarmouth to turn it into a brewery and taproom!


Mikaela Kern (Child)
Mikaela Kern is eleven years old and thrilled to be part of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth this year! Previously she played Peppermint Patty in RRCP's production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. When she's not performing, Mikaela loves baking, riding her bike, and snuggling with her dog, Rook.


Lenny McCoy (Himself)
Lenny McCoy is delighted to join the cast of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth! Lenny's long trek to stardom began generations ago as Higgs in The Real Inspector Hound, and he's been on a voyage of discovery ever since. He's been a bricklayer, mechanic, and physicist, but his latest enterprise is serving as a ship's doctor. Enjoy the show!


Laura B. Morris (Mrs. Williams)
After minoring in Theater at UMO, Laura acted professionally at the Dallas Theater Center, Indianapolis Rep and other venues before founding the Second Chance Foundation with the mission of helping youth make healthy decisions through theatrical school programs. She worked as a Theatrical Director with the Council for Drug Free Youth as well as founded MASK (Master Acting Studio for Kids). Currently, she directs peer-to-peer prevention programs on coping skills, decision making and youth substance use within her role as the Executive Director of the Be the Influence Coalition in Windham. She is an Acorn Board member and has acted for the past two years in the Maine Playwright’s Festival, Heartwood Theater, River and Company, Bath Rep and other venues. Her favorite role is as “mother” to her two sons, Ben and Josh.


Jamie Orenstein (David Jones)
Jamie Orenstein is thrilled to participate in his third production of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. His parents would be even more thrilled that he's finally joined a respectable profession by becoming a dentist. And his kids are just relieved that this year's character didn't have a beard. Don't forget to floss!


Dev Perrin (William Freeman)
Dev is excited to be taking part in their first Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. Dev is an 8th grade student at Greely Middle School. When Dev is not involved in various drama and voice lessons, they enjoy playing field hockey, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and hanging out with friends.

David Ray.jpg

David Ray (Asa York)
David Ray is delighted to bring story of another important Yarmouth citizen - Asa York - to “life" in this year’s Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. David is on the Board of Directors of RRCP and has performed in a number of its shows. David lives on Cousins Island with his wife, Kay, and black lab, Meyka, and he wishes to thank his daughter, Cyrilla, for sparking his interest in local theater.


Fiona Sharp (Charlotte Adams)
Fiona Sharp is twelve years old from Brunswick. She is so happy to be part of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. Previous theater roles include Reindeer/Cruelie in Narnia At RRCP. When not on stage she loves to sing, fish and hang out with her best friend Finnegan, her black lab.


Jacqueline Stowell (Mrs. Bird)
Jackie Stowell is overjoyed to be making her acting debut at SHY.  She has been a member of the Royal River Community Chorus and is part of 317 Main’s Women’s Chorale.  Jackie and her husband live in Cumberland where they raised two children.  They are also the proud grandparents of four because their son’s third child turned into identical twins.


Gwen Wahlquist (Elizabeth Jones)
Gwen is new to Maine and is happy to be joining Royal River Community Players for the first time in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth.  She was last seen making a cameo performance as the Witch in a children’s production of Hansel and Gretel, which she adapted from Grimm’s and also directed.  Outside of ghosts and witches, (and in what seems like a past life, a.k.a., pre-children), Gwen spent a lot of her time doing theater in Los Angeles.  Gwen would like to thank everyone for keeping the “spirit” of community theater alive.  For many, it is synonymous to a warm and welcoming home.


Rachel Wick (Thelma)
Rachel Wick is playing Thelma in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth 2022. She has done many performances with RRCP during the pandemic. Her favorite show she has performed so far is RRCP’S Stroll Haunted Yarmouth 2020. She is in sixth grade.  She loves anything to do with music/acting! She can’t wait to perform for you in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth 2022



Jenny Burnell (Group G)
Jenny is thrilled to be joining the cast of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth as a tour guide for the first time ever this year. She lives in Cumberland with her husband and two children, and enjoys being involved in the school community as co-chair of the Greely PTO Board. She loves reading, hiking and boating, and all things haunted and spooky!


Oakley Candura (Group D)
Oakley Candura is an 8th grader at Greely Middle School and is excited to be serving as a tour guide for SHY for the second time. When he is not touring you through a cemetery, Oakley is involved in a variety of activities - including dance, theatre, field hockey, and track - and is a peer trainer for the Anti-Defamation League. Most recently, Oakley played the role of Lumiere in the Cumberland County Children's Theatre production of Beauty and the Beast. Oakley is looking forward to introducing you to the spirits and their stories in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth!


Maggie Duffy (Group A)
Maggie Duffy is thrilled to be joining the cast of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth for the fourth time. Maggie is an 8th grader at Greely Middle School where she plays field hockey this fall, and participates in Student Council. Maggie played The Queen of Hearts in a production of Alice In Wonderland this past summer.  


Danielle Hood (Group F/G)
Danielle Hood is excited to be involved with RRCP and Stroll Haunted Yarmouth for a second year.  She loved performing as Mary Bucknam last year and is equally excited to be a tour guide this year (especially, because she will get to interact with audience members directly and not just through the 4th wall!). When she isn't thinking about Yarmouth's past, she is busy thinking about the town's future as a member of the Yarmouth Committee for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability and the Yarmouth Climate Action Task Force. Feel free to ask her about any and all of those!

Elise Kern.jpg

Elise Godinez Kern (Group F)
Elise has been exploring her love for theater since she was 5, when she was in a local production of Mary Poppins. She studied theatre at Northwestern University and belts show tunes at the slightest provocation. She has most enjoyed roles as Queen Aggravain (Once Upon A Mattress), Belinda Blair (Noises Off), and most recently as Phebe Bucknam in SHY 2021.


Alison C. Moore (Group B)
Alison Moore was a participant in the very first Stroll Haunted Yarmouth production and is very excited to be a tour guide again this year.  She enjoys riding her bike, cooking for her family, and just about anything related to history. Walking her dogs through the woods or one of the local parks is also a favorite pastime.

Chris N.jpg

Chris Neagle  (Group E)
Chris is a semi-retired real estate lawyer from Cumberland who attended the show last year and loved it.  He is excited to be a Tour Guide this year wearing his new derby hat.  He would bring his black dog Ace as his assistant but no one would be able to see the good old boy.   


Wynnie Wahlquist (Group C)

Wynnie is excited to be joining Royal River Community Players as a Tour Guide in their production of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth.  She was last seen on stage playing Senmut, Hatshepsut's closest friend in a school production of Hatshepsut, the Queen of Egypt.   Wynnie looks forward to introducing theater patrons to several lively residents of Hillside Cemetery.  


Patti Bicknell (Writer - Asa & Louisa York)

Patti has lived in Yarmouth with her husband and three daughters for most of the last five decades. She has long been a supporter of theater, having helped start the Friends of the Playmakers and a theater company for adults. This is her third year writing for Stroll Haunted Yarmouth and she has loved the experience. For over ten years, she wrote copy for L.L.Bean but hadn’t realized how much she enjoys the process of writing until RRCP gave her an opportunity to once again create in words.

Caitlin Bradley (Director)

Caitlin Bradley is an actor / director from North West England UK, she moved to Yarmouth in January 2022 for work. Caitlin graduated in 2018 with a Professional Musical theatre diploma in Liverpool UK, since then she’s been in plays, films and is a host on a podcast for the company she is part of called Likeminded Productions in the UK. After being the assistant director for You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown with RRCP; Caitlin super excited to be this year's director for Stroll Haunted Yarmouth and hopes you enjoy the show.

Kathleen Connelly (Writer - Alexander G. Hill)

Depending on what day you catch her, Kate is a writer, actor, singer and (someday) a minister.  She has a B.A. in Theater from Fordham University and a Master of Divinity degree from Bangor Theological Seminary.  She has had many articles on a variety of subjects published in newspapers and online magazines here and in New York.  This is her third season writing for Stroll Haunted Yarmouth, which, as a history nerd, she looks forward to every year.  For Alice!, RRCP’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s famous works, she played the White Queen as well as writing the script and lyrics.  Originally from the Bronx, Kate has lived in Maine for the last 28 years, where she proudly roots for the Red Sox (and hopes the souls of her late father, brother and sister will forgive her!).

Maura Goessling (Historical Research / Editor / Writer - The Yarmouth Band, Clean Up Day)

Since 2018 Yarmouth History Center’s Maura Goessling has been providing research to the show's writers about the life and times of the former Yarmouth residents who appear in the show. She joined the writing team in 2020, and has contributed pieces for the 2020, 2021 & 2022 shows.

Jocelyn Handy (Costumes & Props/ Editor / Writer - The Yarmouth Band, Bartlett Adams)

Jocelyn Handy is very happy to be costuming Stroll Haunted Yarmouth again this year. She has been involved at RRCP in various capacities since 2016 and absolutely loves this show because she gets to learn so much. She serves on the Boards of RRCP and the Yarmouth History Center and lives in Yarmouth with her family. Her newest hobby is surveying local cemeteries for stones by Bartlett Adams. 

Timmy Lee (Sound & Lighting Tech)

This will be Timmy’s second show behind the scenes, but previously he has been facing the audience in Alice!, Narnia the Musical and a couple seasons of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. He is very excited to be expanding his theatrical range. In his free time, Timmy enjoys biking around town and playing video games.

Ian Michaud (Technical Director/Lighting)

A Maine native and Yarmouth Alumni, Ian originally became interested in technical theatre while working with The Yarmouth Playmakers during his High School years. This interest compelled him to attend the Boston University School of Theatre. After graduating with a BFA in Technical Production, Ian moved to New York City where he quickly made connections with Juniper Street Productions, a major Broadway Production Management company. This relationship was the start of a 12 year career that allowed Ian to work on numerous Broadway and touring productions, primarily as an Automation Carpenter operating and maintaining computer controlled scenic elements. Some highlights of his Broadway career are; Little Shop of Horrors National Tour, The Wedding Singer, Legally Blonde The Musical, Dreamgirls National Tour, All Shook Up and The Producers. In 2011, Ian decided to give up this demanding lifestyle and moved back to Yarmouth with his family. He is now a founding member of the ownership team at Liquid Riot Bottling Company where he manages the distillery. He is a Board Member at Royal River Community Players and enjoys the opportunity to reconnect with his theatre days here at the Playhouse.

Kent Pierce (Writer - F.M. Corliss)

Kent is an enthusiastic member of the RRCP community having written and/or acted in recent SHY offerings, including 2020’s radio broadcast of A Christmas CarolYarns, Truths & Tales and 2019’s Alice!  

Melina Roberts (Producer)

Melina Roberts is excited to be producing Stroll Haunted Yarmouth for the 5th year in a row! She serves on the Board of the Yarmouth History Center and loves helping bring local history to life with this show. The rest of the year she can be found gardening, cooking or planning future travel adventures. 

Bill Wagner (Writer - The Joneses)
Bill is excited to have the opportunity to give voice to a character from another time. It’s a refreshing change from his daily writing that teaches software developers about the C# programming language. When not writing, Bill golfs and enjoys all that Yarmouth has to offer.


The Yarmouth History Center

The Village Improvement Society

Louise Keezer and Lyric Music Theater

Headlight Audio Visual

Sticks & Stones Ornamental Trees & Gardens

Yarmouth Community Services

The Roberts-Anderson Family

Lauren Murphy

Mary Lynn Engel

Randy Billmeier 

Kay Ray

Dan Burke 


And last, but certainly not least, all our wonderful volunteers who gave us their help and their time.

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