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Stroll Haunted Yarmouth 2021


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KEITH MONK (James Hill)

Keith Monk is thrilled to be returning to RRCP with Meagan Monk for their first stint in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth. Keith was bit by the acting bug while playing Father Christmas in RRCP’S Narnia: The Musical, joined by his son and fellow ham Silas. He also played in RRCP’s A Christmas Carol radio play and Free to Be...You and Me. He loves the fun and welcoming community at RRCP and to sing and laugh loudly. When Keith is not acting he enjoys camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, and cross-country skiing.

MEAGAN MONK (Sarah Hill)

Meagan Monk’s acting debut was as the narrator in her first grade’s performance of “Belling the Cat.” Despite wishing she was a mouse, her best memory is the green corduroy vest and pants and bright yellow turtleneck she sported proudly! Meagan was a tour guide for Stroll Haunted Yarmouth two years ago and really enjoyed the local history and is excited to play Sarah Hill in this year’s performance. She also participated in RRCP’s A Christmas Carol and Free to Be…You and Me and looks forward to more community theater productions with her family in the future!

DAVID RAY (Reverend David Shepley)

David is a member of the Royal River Community Players Board of Directors and has appeared in several RRCP productions.  He greatly enjoys bringing old Yarmouth spirits to life in Stroll Haunted Yarmouth.  Thanks to Jocelyn, Melina and Maura for all of your hard work putting this wonderful show together.  


Jamie is a relatively new Yarmouthnik but already in his second Stroll Haunted Yarmouth production. His kids hope his next role won't be someone with facial hair. In his spare time he makes pies and dad jokes.


DANIELLE HOOD (Mary Bucknam)

Danielle has a wide array of interests and hobbies.  As a professional geologist she has spent many hours digging in the dirt and closely inspecting grains of sand.  As a human she is a watcher and a maker.  Her first love was theatre and she is excited to play on stage again. 


ELISE KERN (Phebe Bucknam)

While she spends her work days immersed in retail data analytics, Elise has been exploring her love for theater since she was 5. She studied theatre at Northwestern University and belts show tunes at the slightest provocation. She is thrilled to make her debut with the Royal River Community Players with this performance and to have her family join her in this adventure as well.

BYRON KERN (Samuel Bucknam)

This is Byron's first acting experience (though he has enjoyed "acting" out stories while reading to his kids each night for the past 12 years!). He recently left a career in brand management to pursue opening a brewery, following his 20-year passion of making beer. Byron also loves being outdoors and has recently started getting into mushroom foraging. He is excited to be performing alongside his wife, Elise, and son, Leo, and hopeful that next year his daughter will be able to join too!


LEO KERN (Reuben Bucknam)

Leo is fairly new to the theater, having performed in the cast of Greely Middle School's "Box" last year - which was practiced and performed entirely via Zoom call! But he and his sister both love to perform, having put on many self-directed shows for friends and family. Leo is also an avid reader, and whenever possible has his nose in a good book. 



KATHLEEN CONNELLY (Writer, Abigail Chase)

Depending on what day you catch her, Kate is a writer, actor, singer and (someday) a minister.  She has a B.A. in Theater from Fordham University and a Master of Divinity degree from Bangor Theological Seminary.  She has had many articles on a variety of subjects published in newspapers and online magazines here and in New York.  This is her third season acting and writing for Stroll Haunted Yarmouth, which, as a history nerd, she looks forward to every year.  For Alice!, RRCP’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s famous works, she played the White Queen as well as writing the script and lyrics.  Originally from the Bronx, Kate has lived in Maine for the last 27 years, where she proudly roots for the Red Sox (and hopes the souls of her late father, brother and sister will forgive her!).


ADIA AMESWRIGHT (Charlotte Chase)

Adia is a freshman at Yarmouth High school, is the Vice President of her class of 2025, and loves to sing. Her hobbies are writing, playing VR, and annoying her cat. Long walks in the fall time while listening to Kpop is what she would call a “perfect afternoon”. 



BILL MCCUE (Charles Hayes)

Bill has been seen onstage all around Maine and beyond. A small selection of past productions includes: Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music (Captain Von Trapp), Disney’s High School Musical, Mousetrap, Sweet Charity, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, Christmas Carol, Man of La Mancha, The King and I, The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, Beauty and the Beast, Annie Warbucks, and Singin’ in the Rain. Opera credits include Tosca, Carmen, La Traviata and The Elixir of Love. Shakespeare is a particular passion, with past shows including 12th Night, Much Ado About Nothing, The Tempest, and Taming of the Shrew.

LANIE POCHUREK (William Edevean)

Lanie Pochurek enjoys caring for her two guinea pigs (Tootsie and Butter), writing fiction stories whenever she feels inspired, and reading on rainy days. Lanie has acted in her previous years at STAGES Youth Theater, and a variety of school productions- Willy Wonka, Wizard of Oz, Matilda, and more! She has recently taken up sewing, and found a love for babysitting children around her neighborhood! 

MAGGIE DUFFY (Lucy Humphrey Edevean)

Maggie Duffy is thrilled to be a part of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth for the third time! 

Maggie is in 7th grade at Greely Middle School. When she isn’t acting with RRCP, Maggie plays field hockey, represents her class at student council and bakes delightful treats for her family.

HADLEY DILLON (Madame Laveau/Mrs. Edevean)

Hadley is a freshman at Yarmouth High School and has lived in Yarmouth since she was 2. She is 14 years old and does lots of theatre, mostly through school programs. Along with theater, she has many other interests which include reading, painting, and playing music. 

RANDY BILLMEIER (George Hammond)

Randy enjoys his family immensely. He also loves photography, baking, hanging with his dog walking group, singing, playing ukulele, exploring the ocean, and practicing Yoga. He is grateful to Royal River Community Players for the opportunity to celebrate the human spirit.

KATHY SLACK (Ellen Hammond)

Ms. Slack, Actor/Singer/Director/Poet, was destined to play characters with accents and eccentricities.  Her love affair with theater began when cast as Nathan Detroit in a camp production of Guys and Dolls.  Fast forward to a degree in Theater/Speech and Voice at Ithaca College.  Then further study in New York City with various wonderful teachers, as well as  directing and acting in Off Broadway & Off-Off Broadway productions during the late 70's into the 80's, and playing a Nurse on the former NBC,TV Soap,The Doctors.  Ms. Slack, semi-retired, presently teaches Voice part-time for Yarmouth's 317 Main Community Music Center, and at her home studio.  She has LOVED collaborating with RRCP in the virtual world and happily now, live!  Break a leg to the Living Spirits of this cast; I'm so honored to be celebrating "Community Spirit" with all of you!  And a special thanks to our awesome, talented director, Jocelyn, and to our producer, Melina.




Oakley Candura is a seventh grader at Greely Middle School. Oakley loves acting and has been numerous shows including The Lion King Jr., Box, and RRCP’S Alice! and Stroll Haunted Yarmouth 2018.  When not acting they like to dance, sing and are in school clubs such as Civil Rights Team.


PAM DYER (Tour Guide)

This is Pam’s first time working with Royal River Community Players. She had attended the past 3 seasons of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth, and decided to help out this year as a tour guide. She is a native of Yarmouth, and the 3rd generation of her family to live here.


KENT PIERCE (Tour Guide, Writer)

Kent is an enthusiastic member of the RRCP community having written and/or acted in recent SHY offerings, the radio broadcast of a Christmas Carol, the Unexpected Story Hour (I forgot the name of it!) and Alice!   


IVY HACH (Tour Guide)

Ivy is in 7th Grade and had her first Maine theater experience this year at her summer camp on Lake Sebago, playing Charlie in the musical "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."  She is excited for her first opportunity with the Royal River Community Players! Ivy was born in Colorado but moved to Maine when she was four years old.  She lives in Falmouth with her mom, dad and beloved Goldendoodle, Sammy, and enjoys swimming, running, tennis, singing and spending time with her friends and family.



I am Sally Higgins and I am a tour guide in this year's Stroll Haunted Yarmouth production. I'm a freshman at YHS and I love to read, write, ski and listen to music. My favourite season is winter and my favourite book series is Percy Jackson, which I cosplay for a bit.


BRENDA KERN (Tour Guide)

Brenda is a native of Yarmouth.  During her retirement, she enjoys baking, gardening, sailing, reading, walking in the woods, Range Pond, sudukos, crossword puzzles and Goodwill hunting. She has 2 cats, Oscar and Felix, and a grand dog Holly.


MYAH HASSAN (Tour Guide)



Nancy is excited to join the cast and crew at the Royal River Community Players as getting involved in community theater has always been on her bucket list. Her interests include sailing and boating in the summer, skiing and curling during the winter months, and hiking during the spring and fall. Basically enjoying the beautiful outdoors that Maine has to offer!! Nancy would like to thank the RRCP for this opportunity!!



KATHLEEN CONNELLY  (Writer: The Bucknams, The Lamplighter)

See actor bio, above.

KENT PIERCE (Writer : The Hammonds, James & Sarah Hill)

See tour guide bio, above.

BILL WAGNER (Writer: Charles Hayes)

Bill is excited to have the opportunity to give voice to a character from another time. It’s a refreshing change from his daily writing that teaches software developers about the C# programming language. When not writing, Bill golfs and enjoys all that Yarmouth has to offer.


MAURA GOESSLING (Writer: Lucy Humphrey Edevean)

See production team bio, below.


PATTI BICKNELL (Writer: John Brooks)

Patti has lived in Yarmouth with her husband and three daughters for most of the last five decades. She has long been a supporter of theater, having helped start the Friends of the Playmakers and a theater company for adults. This is her second year writing for Stroll Haunted Yarmouth and she has loved the experience. For over ten years, she wrote copy for L.L.Bean but hadn’t realized how much she enjoys the process of writing until RRCP gave her an opportunity to once again create in words. Thanks, Jocelyn.


JOCELYN HANDY (Director, Costumer)

Jocelyn is thrilled to be directing and costuming Stroll Haunted Yarmouth for the 4th year. At RRCP, she has been seen onstage in The Golden Age of Radio and Narnia (White Witch). Other recent Maine credits include Acorn Productions’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Mae) and Lyric Music Theater’s Catch Me If You Can (Ensemble). In her free time, she serves as President of the Board at Royal River Community Players and enjoys riding bikes with her girls. Lots of love to her wonderful family who haven’t seen her since August because she’s been at rehearsal.


MAURA GOESSLING (Asst. Producer, Writer)

Since 2018 Yarmouth History Center’s Maura Goessling has been providing research to the show's writers about the life and times of the former Yarmouth residents who appear in the show. She joined the writing team last year and contributed pieces for the 2020 and 2021 shows.


Melina Roberts has lived in Yarmouth for 11 years.  She was part of the small group of people that started the Royal River Community Players.  She also serves on the Yarmouth Historical Society board.  She has produced and stage managed theatrical performances since 1998.  This will be Melina’s fourth production of Stroll Haunted Yarmouth as the producer. For Melina, the opportunity to bring the community together to watch Yarmouth History come to life is both a privilege and a joy!

Ian Michaud (Lighting Design)


The Yarmouth History Center

The Village Improvement Society

Louise Keezer and Lyric Music Theater

Headlight Audio Visual

Yarmouth Community Services

The Roberts-Anderson Family

Sticks & Stones Landscaping

Randy Billmeier 

Dan Burke 

Rick Abbondanza

Those who lent us props

And last, but certainly not least, all our wonderful volunteers who gave us their help and their time.


From all of us at Stroll Haunted Yarmouth, thank you.

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