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Stage Manager


Job Type

Stage Crew


The Royal River Community Players is looking for a reliable and experienced Stage Manager to assist with our upcoming productions. The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of theatre productions, stage management practices, and be able to manage both actors and technical teams. The Stage Manager will work closely with the Director and production team to ensure a smooth running and successful production.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Attends rehearsals, technical rehearsals, and performances.

  • Create and maintain a cue sheet.

  • Communicates with production staff, technical crew, and actors.

  • Organize, set up, and maintain set pieces and props.

  • Assist with set construction and scenic changes.

  • Work with the director to ensure the vision of the production is achieved.

  • Ensure the safety of actors and crew during performances.

  • Call Actors for rehearsals and performances

  • Manage the backstage and onstage area during performances.

  • Tech and cue calling during performances

About the Show:

Heidi is based on the beloved Johanna Spyri novel, which tells the story of a young girl who is taken to live with her grandfather in the scenic Swiss Alps. Heidi's endearing spirit and love for the great outdoors quickly win over her grandfather, as well as the locals, including a goatherd named Peter and his family. Although the book was written in 1880, its message of optimism, altruism, and an appreciation for nature remains as relevant today as it did back then.

Producing Heidi represents a significant symbolic milestone for our theater, as it was the play that we had planned to perform in 2020 before the pandemic struck. The show was in rehearsals when it was ultimately canceled, but we remained committed to bringing back the original cast and crew once the pandemic was over. Despite the challenges of the past 3 years, we are excited to finally make good on that promise and launch our new production.


  • Pre-production:  November

  • Rehearsals:  November - Februaray

  • Tech Week January 28

  • Show Run:  February 2 - 11


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