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Costume Designer


Job Type

Stage Crew


The Royal River Community Players is looking for a creative and experienced costume designer to help bring our productions to life through the art of costume design. As a costume designer, you will be responsible for creating visually stunning costumes that help to bring out the characters and storyline of each production. For Heidi we are committed to using only borrowed or upcycled garments.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Meeting with producer and director to define wardrobe requirements.

  • Conducting research on time periods, character profiles, materials, and translation styles.

  • Presenting costume designs to producer and director for feedback and approval.

  • Coordinating the design, rental, and construction of garments.

  • Implementing modifications to the wardrobe as needed

  • Oversee wardrobe fittings and production dress rehearsals.

  • Performing fittings, adjustments, and final touches on set.

  • Managing the project timelines, fitting schedules, and budget

About the Show:

Heidi is based on the beloved Johanna Spyri novel, which tells the story of a young girl who is taken to live with her grandfather in the scenic Swiss Alps. Heidi's endearing spirit and love for the great outdoors quickly win over her grandfather, as well as the locals, including a goatherd named Peter and his family. Although the book was written in 1880, its message of optimism, altruism, and an appreciation for nature remains as relevant today as it did back then.


  • Pre-production:  November

  • Rehearsals:  November - Februaray

  • Tech Week January 28

  • Show Run:  February 2 - 11


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