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March 1, 2022

Dear RRCP Friends and Family,

In March 2020, RRCP’s production of Heidi was just 2 weeks away from opening night when we were forced to make the difficult decision to shut down. At the time, we made a commitment to our company of 32 talented actors, as well as a dedicated backstage crew, that we would finish our production when it was safe to do so. We could not have known then just how far away that would be and how many complicating factors would ensue.

Two years later, we are still not yet in a place with Covid where we feel able to produce a show with such a large cast and crew; therefore Heidi will not be the first show back in our re-opened space.

Instead, we will be presenting a smaller, limited-cast production this summer that we hope our RRCP community will greatly enjoy: You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. We want you all to know that Heidi still holds a special place in our hearts and that we are still planning to finish it and produce the show that our cast, crew and audiences deserve. We are hopeful that Winter or Spring 2023 may be the right time. Thank you all for your continued support of RRCP.


The RRCP Board of Directors

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